What is Batopin?

Even though most payments these days are done electronically, there are still many people in Belgium who like to use cash. At the same time, however, more and more bank branches are closing their doors, along with their ATMs. Batopin is the answer to this challenge. With a clear plan in mind, we looked for a way to preserve access to cash in a changing environment – simply, safely and efficiently. That’s how we’re keeping cash available for everyone.


Who is Batopin for?

Distributing cash is a service. And in the case of Batopin’s network of Bancontact CASH points, it’s a service available to the customers of every bank. 
Batopin’s network of independent ATMs will ensure everyone in Belgium will continue to have access to cash over the long term. See all participating banks below. 

Want to become a member? Banks interested in joining the Batopin network can contact us at info@batopin.be.

Our current members