Smarter access to cash

A new network of cash machines for Belgium.

Our commitment

Making sure everyone has easy and secure access to cash. That’s our mission at Batopin. Which is why we’re hard at work installing physical CASH points throughout Belgium, with ATMs that everyone can use. 

Use CASH points to withdraw cash, no matter who you bank with. And find them at locations where you’re more likely to pay with cash. In other words, where ATMs are needed most! 

There’s already a CASH point at over 400 locations around the country. And by the end of 2025, that figure will be 970. That’s an average of one new machine up and running every day until the end of next year. 

Find your nearest CASH point in a flash via


"Cash is here to stay. And thanks to Batopin’s CASH points, we’re making sure cash remains accessible and available to everyone – easily, reliably and securely. All while taking local authorities and their residents into account." 

Jeroen Ghysel, CEO Batopin


Rent out your location

Do you have a suitable property that we could rent for a Batopin CASH point? If so, please let us know.

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