Why is there no bank logo on the CASH points?


Yes, that’s right: the new CASH points that Batopin is installing all over Belgium, do not display a bank logo any more. Why not?

Whereas we are now paying for things more and more with a bankcard, over the past ten years we have also started withdrawing less cash. As a result, the number of bank branches with ATMs has fallen significantly, to the extent that these days you’ll sometimes find too many cash machines in one place, while in another there are too few. This is why, between now and 2024, new ATMs are being installed all over the country at new locations.

Why no bank logo?

The new locations for ATMs, which we also call CASH points, look somewhat different. First and foremost, they  don’t feature a bank logo any more.

The new cash machine is installed and managed on a day-to-day basis by Batopin, an ATM management initiative from Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and KBC. These four major banks have combined forces to establish a network of neutral ATMs together. This means that none of the new cash machines will belong exclusively to just one bank. So, logically, they don’t feature the logo of just one bank either.

Providing optimum access to cash

By installing neutral ATMs together, the banks are not only  able to distribute the machines more evenly, based on the actual cash requirements and habits of customers all over Belgium, but by working together through Batopin, the banks are able to totally revamp and modernise the infrastructure for withdrawing cash. This means that the CASH points are very easy to access, including for customers with a disability. 

So, what logo is displayed on the new ATMs? Simple: the familiar Bancontact logo that is known to everyone. “We didn’t really have to think about it for very long,” explains Kris De Ryck, CEO of Batopin. “Bancontact is a strong local brand that every Belgian will to recognise from a distance. And it is important for people to have trust in this new concept of neutral ATMs. So it was the logical and obvious choice.”