Who still pays in cash? And who no longer does so?

Some Belgians prefer to pay mainly by card, but they still make some cash payments every week. Others prefer to use their bankcard or mobile phone and are irritated when they are forced to pay in cash. So, who are they exactly, how do they pay and why? iVOX surveyed 1000 Belgians in November 2021 to find out.


Flexible Cash Users: they’re… flexible!

Flexible Cash Users are, well… flexible! These Belgians usually (48%) opt to use a bankcard, although 7 users out of 10 among them still use cash to pay every week. This means that they don’t mind if they have no choice other than to use cash.

In total, Belgium has 19% of Flexible Cash Users. Most of them are French-speakers, aged mainly 34 or under (42%). So, why do these younger people still pay regularly in cash? To avoid giving into the temptation of making an unnecessary impulse buy or exceeding their budget. Having said that, though, they are open to new methods of payment and they also believe that the future will be contactless payments.

Innovative Payers: breaking new ground

Innovative Payers, meanwhile believe that contactless will be the payment method of tomorrow. But they don’t like only being able to pay with cash in certain places. Only a quarter of them (26%) still do so each week. In fact, Innovative Payers prefer to use a bankcard or mobile methods to pay. One Belgian in four is an Innovative Payer. Most of them (73%) are aged 54 or under.