What sorts of CASH points can you withdraw money from?


Every new cash machine installed by Batopin offers maximum ease of access, the ultimate in security and is easy to identify. But you withdraw your money sometimes outdoors, sometimes indoors. What’s this all about? What sorts of CASH points are we installing?

Until the end of 2024, Batopin is gradually installing everywhere in Belgium new locations for ATMs, called CASH points. With time, they’ll be more evenly distributed, based on our actual cash requirements and habits of today. At the same time, Batopin is taking advantage of the opportunity to revamp and modernise the cash withdrawal infrastructure.

Three types of ATMs

There are three types of CASH points:

·       On the one hand, there are CASH shops. These are indoor locations where Batopin has control over the entrance door to the ATM facility. CASH-shops are the preferred location for ATMs with a cash deposit function (in the course of 2022).

·       Other ATMs are located both indoors and outdoors, in a wall. So this is where customers stand and withdraw money in a public space. Of course, they are also  able to do so in total security, thanks to a protective device that prevents someone else from looking over their shoulder.

·       The new kid in town is the standalone kiosk that Batopin installs outdoors, in public spaces. Not only is the kiosk secure and functional, but it looks pretty cool, too.

Always the same outstanding experience

Every machine in a CASH point provides maximum ease of access to customers with limited mobility or eyesight. At the same time, all of the new cash machines are protected by the same strict security standards that the banks use today.

In addition, every CASH point is recognizable immediately in the streetscape, due to its specific style. So you always know immediately where to go and withdraw your cash. Excellent access, in total security.