What does a Bancontact CASH point look like and what services does it offer?


What do the new Bancontact CASH points look like? What bank cards can be used to withdraw money? And can you also pay in cash, check your balance and change your PIN? Yes, yes and yes...

Don’t worry if your own bank’s logo is not displayed above the new CASH point. By the end of 2024, the four big banks (Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and KBC) will be gradually replacing their own cash machines with new neutral CASH points bearing just the Bancontact logo. "The choice of Bancontact really was a no-brainer", explains Kris De Ryck, Batopin CEO. "Bancontact is a strong local brand that all Belgians recognize from afar. It’s important that consumers have trust in this new concept of neutral cash dispensers and "paying by Bancontact" has become part of our everyday language as, for years now, Belgians have been using their Bancontact cards to withdraw money from cash machines. The choice was logical and obvious!"


Apart from the Bancontact logo, the CASH points are easily identifiable courtesy of their distinctive yellow & dark grey design. Above each machine, the word CASH in large letters will attract the attention. And unlike the current patchwork of ATMs, Bancontact’s new CASH points will all be finished in identical style, so we’ll all be able to spot in a flash where to get money out.

Certain CASH points will be installed in walls, while others will be in indoor spaces in the same way as those currently sited inside bank entrances. But in a first, some CASH points will also be installed within outdoor kiosks, a solution which is not only safe and practical but also aesthetically.

We have chosen materials that are durable and easy to maintain, so they will last for many years. Every Bancontact CASH point will also be easily accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and users of public transport.

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But in practical terms, which operations can be carried out at these new CASH points? Anyone - regardless of his or her bank - will be able to take out money with a Bancontact, Mastercard[1] or VISA[2] card and will also be able to change their PIN. From 2022, customers of the big banks will be able to deposit money at ⅔ of the new Bancontact CASH points, as well as view their balance.

[1] From 2022

[2] From 2022

Gradual deployment

The deployment of this new neutral cash distribution network means that all of the big four banks’ own ATMs will disappear, but this change will take place very gradually since the new network won’t be fully completed until the end of 2024. The big banks’ branches won’t be deactivating their cash points until after the installation of a new Bancontact CASH point, so consumers can continue withdrawing money near home at any moment. You can follow the new network’s deployment via the locator on the Batopin website (new Bancontact CASH points, already active and planned).