What do users think about the new CASH points?


Week after week, more and more CASH points are opening for business. These new bank-neutral cash dispensers focus particularly on ease of use, security and accessibility. But what do the users themselves think of the new CASH points? We asked them the question.

The Ipsos market survey agency conducted 299 interviews in March and April 2022, both among the users of CASH-shops (located in indoor premises) and with people using ATMs installed in an indoor or outdoor wall location. The survey was conducted right across Belgium, in both urban and rural areas. The results were very much up to our expectations.

Particularly easy to use

To begin with, no fewer than 98% of the people interviewed were of the opinion that the ATMs are easy to use. 87% of them thought that using the ATMs was very, even extremely user-friendly. A little over 1 person in 10 (11%) had only a moderately positive opinion regarding their ease of use.

90% even thought that the Bancontact CASH points offer an identical – or better – experience than other ATMs. Also, the fact that these CASH points are bank-neutral (i.e. they no longer feature a bank logo) posed no problem for the vast majority of respondents (97%).

And just as easy to locate

In addition to user-friendliness, the ease of finding the new CASH points is, of course, equally important. There again, we are clearly on the right track: 90% of the people interviewed thought that the CASH points were easy to locate. And this is a situation that is very likely to improve further. Watch this space…