Security, top priority for every CASH point


Being able to withdraw money safely is of paramount importance, both for the customer and for the bank. All Bancontact CASH points installed by Batopin are therefore constructed to extremely high security standards. Read on to learn more about these features…

Even the most accomplished of thieves will get no joy from CASH point installed by Batopin. Unlike the small machines found everywhere abroad, the ATMs in the Bancontact CASH points are large machines housed within ultra-robust safes.

Every ATM is packed with features that ensure users can withdraw and also possibly deposit money with full peace of mind. The keypad is equipped with a special security system that prevents anyone from viewing it over the shoulder of the person using the machine, while mirrors located above the screen allow the user to see what’s going on behind them.

If a problem arises while withdrawing money, an assistance service is available via a telephone number displayed by the ATM and a display clearly explains the "Card Stop" procedure to enable the card to be blocked.

Some Bancontact CASH points are outdoor kiosks, which are always well lit to enhance the sense of security. Embedded solidly in the ground, these kiosks are resistant to ram-raiding attacks courtesy of a special security system at the entrance. Side entry is also protected against by an electromagnetic system.

All Bancontact CASH points also benefit from 24/7 video surveillance. If a suspicious event occurs, an alarm and siren are triggered.