New Bancontact CASH points make withdrawals easier for the visually impaired


Access to cash for all: that’s the purpose of Batopin’s new Bancontact CASH points. These new neutral ATMs offer significant improvements for partially sighted and blind people, as well as for people with reduced mobility.

Founded by the country’s four biggest banks - Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and KBC -, the new company Batopin is gradually rolling out a new network of CASH points designed to replace the current cash dispensers specific to each of these banks.

The four banks concerned believe it’s important that cash remains accessible to all, including to people who are blind or partially sighted or suffer from reduced mobility.

Voice assistant

All Bancontact CASH points installed by Batopin are equipped with a voice assistant system that guides visually impaired people as they withdraw their money. Available in French, Dutch, English and German, this audio guide is accessed when the user plugs in his or her own headphones to the audio socket on the keypad and guides him or her throughout the different stages of their withdrawal transaction. The keypad is embossed and braille is used to enable the different parts of the machine to be easily identified (bank card insertion slot, headphone connection socket, etc.) For security reasons, the screen is obscured once the user has connected their headphones to the CASH point.

A greatly enhanced service

Up until now, only Belfius and BNP Paribas Fortis have offered such a function on their cash machines. But as Batopin also includes ING and KBC, visually impaired people will benefit from a considerably extended service to withdraw their money easily.

Access for all

The new Bancontact CASH points also offer improvements for persons with reduced mobility. Some of these new machines will be sited in dedicated kiosks and during their design, special attention will be paid to accessibility: for instance, the space around the kiosk will be sufficiently spacious to move around comfortably, without steps or differences in level. So, access will be easy for those with reduced mobility, who will also have no problem using the CASH point’s keypad while in a wheelchair.