CASH-points on the way to work, to the shopping centre, but also when you’re out and about on holiday!


Between now and 2024, Batopin will be rolling out a new network of CASH-points across Belgium. They are completely bank-neutral and located exactly where people want and need to withdraw cash today: on the way to work, or while they’re shopping, when they’re on the move in Belgium, as well as when they’re leaving on holiday or coming home again. So it’s only natural that these new CASH-points should also be located in train stations and airports.

Which is why Batopin has unveiled its latest CASH-point at Brussels Airport (Zaventem) before the summer of 2022. There’s a Bancontact CASH-point in the departure hall across the Sheraton hotel, as well as in terminals A and B. There are now also two CASH-points in the arrivals hall.

The Bancontact CASH-point at Charleroi airport (Gosselies) is accessible since 2021.

Travellers can withdraw cash and change their PIN code at any CASH-point, regardless of the bank they are customers with. They can also check their account balance if they are a customer at one of the four banks behind Batopin (Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and KBC).

All Bancontact CASH points are accessible to visually impaired people and those in wheelchairs, thanks to an audio-guidance system on the one hand and a keyboard placed at the right height on the other.

In Belgian train stations, too…

By opening Bancontact CASH-points, Batopin wants to be present at key locations along the routes of many Belgians. For example when they’re travelling abroad. But also when they’re taking the train anywhere in Belgium, as they are doing more and more these days. In fact, an iVOX survey conducted in December 2021 revealed that 32% of people would, amongst other, opt to withdraw cash at a train station.

That’s why Batopin has signed an agreement with the NMBS/SNCB to double the number of CASH points located at train stations. In total, almost 80 stations in Belgium will have CASH-points. At the moment, there are already thirty or so up and running at 22 train stations.